Your life is made of a whole bunch of ‘todays’: don’t settle for less

Your life is made up of a whole bunch of ‘todays’ and TODAY is the first one of them – When you catch yourself saying “there is nothing I can do about it” or “it’s not under my control”, are you making excuses – are you settling for less?  Of course, there are things in life we shouldn’t attempt to control (like weather maybe?), but we have way more control over our quality of life than we think.  We make hundred of life decisions every single day (and making no decision IS a decision).  Want to climb the Kilimanjaro?  Not sure that fries help you get fit.  Not sure that getting the latest gadget helps you save money for your dream – and so on. Not sure what you old truly want?  At least, don’t slash away possibilities: there won’t be another body or another life waiting for you down the road.

Are you settling for less?  Are your settling for less because it’s safe, it’s convenient, and because, some day, some time, in the future, you will finally break out and LIVE?   If you feel that your work or home life is a prison sentence, as in ‘I have 20 more years to go‘ – before retirement, the kids are grown, a perfect promotion, and so on, it’s time to realize that your life is made of a whole bunch of ‘todays’ and today is the first one of them.

Settling for less should NOT be a way of life.  Remember when you were 12-year old and dreaming of your adult life?  Of all you would do?  Of the freedom of being an adult?  This is IT.  It’s today. It’s already started.

Investing in today is investing in your life – Tomorrow is made of a whole bunch of ‘todays’. Today is a pretty sure thing.  If dreaming of a distant tomorrow makes today barely tolerable, it’s time for you to make your today better.  Life is not about surviving, coping or enduring – it’s about thriving, right now.  Never sacrifice today for tomorrow – or tomorrow for today: it’s so simple.

What are you going to do, TODAY?  To feel alive, to have fun, to connect with your dreams, to show that you care to the people who count for you?

Imagine what life could be, as a bunch of good moments – make TODAY count.


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