You deserve as good a life as your dog

You love your dog. You feed your dog healthy food, so Fido lives a long, fun, healthy life, with plenty of energy – and so he remains disease-free.  Fido has access to a clean bowl of water. He has a comfy dog bed in case he needs a nap.  He’s walked and played with every day.  He runs outdoors until he is tired, rolls in the grass with glee.  You bathe him and look after him. You pet him, give him treats, and shower him with love and affection.  What a life. He’s got it all.

Do you love yourself as much as you love Fido?  Take the test:

  • Do you feed yourself healthy food, so you live a long, fun, healthy life, with plenty of energy – and remain disease-free?  OR do you just grab whatever is fast?
  • Do you have access to a glass of water? OR do you mostly drink coffee and soft drinks?
  • Can you take a break and go for a nap? OR do you push yourself until you drop?
  • Do you walk and play every day? OR do you get so tired all you can think of is TV and a drink?
  • Do you run and play outdoors until you are tired?  (I’ll skip rolling in the grass…) OR are you too busy to play?
  • Does someone pet you and gives you treats? OR do you feel like you have to compensate by eating the sweetness you don’t get in your life?
  • Who showers you with love and affection?

Get your priorities straight – YOU look after Fido, YOU do it ALL

You do it all: work, errands, life demands including Fido.  Give yourself more care and respect for all you do and for who you are.  Give yourself what you need, so that today and tomorrow, you can live a good, fulfilling, rich human life.

Thing is: no one can give it to yourself but YOU

What will you do differently today to get what you need?


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