Work Less… Do more

Do you firmly believe that you’ll take a break once you’ve crossed off every item on your to-do list?  Thing is, your to-do list never ends, and so you never allow yourself a break. Of course, you crash when you’re exhausted, but allowing yourself a break? Not really.

Is pushing through fatigue effective? Not really. When you’re tired or have no motivation to keep going, it’s not time to keep pushing through fatigue. It’s time to take a break, so you feel refreshed and focused. Taking regular breaks throughout the day makes you more productive. You use your time better, you accomplish more, and – bonus – you feel better…

This isn’t bogus to allow yourself a lazy life – it’s common sense, backed up by solid research.  Common sense is that after a few hours of work, you’re no longer at your prime; you need refuelling.  Research is best summarized in this article: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time:

You can also read this post, taken from Positively Positive.  It’s a good summary to help you plan your days:

Have fun taking a break!

Life is so much more than a to-do list!


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