Whole-hearted living: you are “there”, right now

Whole-hearted Living is about living your life, as you dream it could be, right now.  It’s about being “there” (whatever “there” is for you)  and living being YOU – relaxing into being who you are instead of building walls around you.  It’s about opening up, being proud of being you, all of you, without fear of being… you get to fill the blank.

Whole-hearted living is not “Carpe diem” – which to me always sounds pretty frantic and desperate.  Carpe Diem sounds as if today was your last day alive.  It’s not.  Whole-hearted living is just the opposite: it’s allowing yourself to be fresh and new, to live every day with a sense of wonder, purpose, fun and amazement.  Imagine a two-year old discovering the world…  Diving and biting into life – instead of cautiously watching from the sidelines and hoping to dive in – one day.

It’s about allowing yourself to be who you are, in all the ways you are YOU – not a clone, and certainly not “average”; Not blasé.  Not cynical.  Not sarcastic.  Not close-minded.  Not shy.  Whole-hearted living is about putting yourself out there, and letting yourself be wonderfully YOU, living life in big bites: going for what makes you feel whole: fearless yet compassionate; independent yet connected; free yet loving.

Build your courage muscles – try something easy which feels more like YOU today and let yourself come through.

How will you allow yourself to be YOU today with the people you care most about?  How will you express who you are?  There is no second take on life.

Learn more about whole-hearted living with Dr. Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly.


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