We have so much…

Waking up to the world this morning, and thinking…  I have so much.  I live in one of the richest countries in the world.  I have a comfortable home and a car; amazing and loving kids; varied, purposeful, meaningful work I love – plus good energy and health.  I have all the toys that we take for granted: computer and all sorts of electronics; access to the world within touch; access to more food and clothes than I can ever use   I have a comfortable bank account, and I can pretty much live as I please.  Wow.

And so do most of my friends – We live an easy life.  And really?  We have done nothing much to deserve it – just carry on with our lives, like every other human being alive, living in a rich country and being aware of all that wealth available within arm reach.  We feel entitled.

Why write this today?  Because I feel the need to point it out, to me and to you.  We are so lucky, yet we are too busy reaching for more that we don’t see or enjoy what we have.

Yes, there’s always stuff to worry about – but really, most worries are small compared to what we have.  So give yourself a break today from all the worries, the demands, the expectations, and just bask in knowing that you have enough, and that you are so lucky.


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