To feel more alive, don’t get too comfortable

Sometimes, I think I “deserve” to live a cushy, comfortable life – letting myself cruise along, every day narrowing down, until I watch life on TV, well cushioned by comfort and inertia.

Hell, no.

Comfort is so addictive Why move when the couch is so comfortable?  Why try something new when routine is so reassuring?  But there is a fine line between comfort – and boredom.  Between living aware of the luxury of comfort – and lost in inertia.

Comfortable inertia is so powerful.  It’s about settling for less, letting dreams atrophy into the comfort of routine.   It’s about staying in, instead of reaching out; because it’s too late or too cold, or too much trouble.  It’s about doing less about true life priorities.  it’s about feeling too settled to change.

There is something like being too comfortable for your own good. It’s easy to lose track that to feel most alive, you need to feel awake and aware, pulled out of a plush comfort zone…  When what makes you feel alive becomes too much trouble, it’s time to step into the cold, literally.  To feel nature in its fierceness.  To connect and move.  To get excited and to immerse yourself in real life.

It’s about living every day, and not taking the day (or worse, life) for granted.  Living is not passing time.  Living is not wishing you’d be elsewhere.  Living is not escaping into being entertained.  Living, fully feeling alive, is allowing each day to unfold and feel the minutes and the life in everyone of them.

What will you do today, to step out of your comfort zone and feel fully aware and alive?


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