The Secret to Thriving, One Day At A Time

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Good morning! I’m here today to crack open the box of beliefs that keeps us in coping mode – and it starts with mindset. If you figure that your fate in life is to colour your days in drab shades of gray inside the lines, I’m here to remind you that there you have life’s permission to colour every one of your days in neon colours, glow-in-the-dark vividness, all over the pages. This is what thriving feels like: seeing big, living bold and in wild colours – so my question to you today is: what can you do TODAY to add vividness, vibrancy, colour, fun – to your life?

I can imagine you right now, gulping your second cup of coffee in the last hour, and finger ready to shut down this crazy thought. But STOP. Stay. I’m not saying that you have to pack right now to go swimming with wild dolphins in Bali (but hey, it’s an idea), but instead take a look at your real-life day (yes, today), and imagine how you can infuse it with colour and fun.

That’s it, that’s all. That’s a lot.

Because today is YOUR life. Your life is not “someday”. No one will come and give you a free pass, because (yes) you already have the free pass, right here in your hand. So today can be another oh-hum day, OR it can be a whole lot better. Your choice. And I know, you have a lot on your plate, and it’s a busy week, and your life is overwhelming. But hey, unless you do something about this, nothing will change, right?

So here is a tiny suggestion: make today a little more colourful, more vibrant, more “alive”. This is what I mean, specifically:

  1. Instead of checking your social media or emails one more time, take a minute and stand up. Stretch like a kid (or a cat) if you can. Look around for something that inspires you – the view? A picture of a beach vacation? The plant blooming on your desk? Take one minute to admire, contemplate, enjoy. And breathe. That’s it. More life, in one minute.
  2. Consider how you spend your lunch break and make it more fun or restful. First, leave your desk. (and office if you can). You have 30 minutes to enjoy. You can repeat same-old. Or you can try something new. Step outdoors. Walk a block. Find a tree or a park bench to eat your sandwich/salad if weather permits. Look at a the sky. Enjoy your few minutes without the office buzz. Allow yourself to daydream…
  3. Plan something different and that brings colour to your life for this weekend. It doesn’t have to be high energy. Maybe it means reading in your bedroom, uninterrupted, window open. Or a nap, because you’re tired. Or an easy walk to the neighbourhood park. Or… You get the idea. Stop postponing because there is errands, laundry, your kids activities. Give yourself a break, something that feels like replenishing instead of giving more and more.

Discover new ways to add colour to your life, little pops of colour and joy, every day, and feel more alive, vibrant. Thrive. One day at a time.


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