There is no “getting there” in life. every day IS “there”.

There is no “getting there” in life, unless today is part of “there”.  There is just one day that you and I have power over, right now, and it’s today.  Of course, I could think that some day, some time, I’ll get there – no matter was there means for me – extra time? Extra money? Winning the lottery? Having a promotion?  Kids grown up? Retiring?

The thing is: I only have power over this moment – the choices I make today lead my life in a specific direction – whether I am conscious of this or not.  When I postpone the important for the seemingly urgent small stuff, I am putting aside what makes life worth living.  When I postpone spending time (again) with a loved friend or my kids or with whoever counts most for me, I am fooling myself into thinking I’ll eventually have that time, one day – get there.  I am postponing living now, thinking one day, I will be given more time for what counts.  Really?

Living your best life doesn’t start one day, in the future. It started a long time ago, and it includes today.  I could think of everything that prevents me from getting the life I want: there is always too much to do.  Get work done, pick up dry cleaning, do laundry.  Follow up with meetings, clients and taxes. Clean up the yard.  And so on.  So much to do, there is no time left to be here and do what most counts – loving my kids for who they are; working with purpose; living well and enjoying what I have.

Today is right here – and it’s part of your life. Let yourself feel it.  It’s a fleeting moment of vulnerability when you feel you’re immersed in your life instead of keeping busy – now you are starting to live whole-heartedly.

What could you do differently today, if “getting there” became NOW?  If you’d finished all the work and all the chores?

Today is here, yours for the taking.


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