Your scripts build your days (& your life)

You woke up this morning with a private script about how your day would unfold. Today’s script may be inspiring or defeating. It all depends on how tired or stressed or happy you are.

If you are rested, if you’re coming back from holidays or a great weekend, you’ll choose a nice script for today, and your day will feel fun and light. If you’re tired, depleted or overwhelmed, you’ll choose a darker script, in which work feels too busy, your kids too whiny and coffee not right. All a matter of perception – your own inner script. By becoming aware of your script today, you can change everything. Let’s look into it.

I woke up last Saturday in a really bad mood – no reason. Everything just looked wrong and bleak. The day was gray and my mood worsened. I had a choice: carry my bad mood through the day, ruin it for my partner and myself and end up sulking on opposite sides of the house, or realize that becoming aware of my inner script gave me the power to change it. So I decided to not lose a Saturday sulking, and to make it a good day. First on my mind was to get out for a mind-clearing walk… and as I walked, my mood shifted. By the time I got home, I felt good instead of crabby. We had a great day, driving to a small town for brunch overlooking a river… Even being rained on was fun, under an umbrella. The sun came out, we walked on flat rock by the river. As the script changed, the day became full of fun unexpected possibilities. We choose. We live our choices.

The scripts we choose hold power, attitudes and expectations. You can either be acutely aware of everything that’s wrong on Monday morning, or enjoy the glow of a great weekend… Becoming aware of your script gives you the choice to change it.

Your scripts impact your days, your weeks and your life. You choose whether you’ll feel defeated by worries, or enjoy what is now. You get to choose whether you’ll have a great or a bad day. Your choices. Your days. Your life.

Choose your scripts wisely: right now, you are rich with health, life, people, belongings and possibilities. Your script for today will impact your attitudes and how people respond to you. Nothing is predetermined. What script do you choose for yourself today? How can you choose to make today better?


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