Take care: you’re worth it

Do you ever consider as you make decisions about yourself, how many life energy systems are running in the background, keeping you alive, healthy, functional and so much more?  Your brain, bones, digestion, skin, muscles… Your immune system… Your cardiovascular system.  They’re at work, all of them, right now.  And every single day of your life. You, as much as your car, need fuel, care, maintenance and repairs, so you can keep going at your best.  

 The energy you recharge (or not) impacts your whole life in complex and profound ways. Your life, health, readiness for change, resilience and even the quality of your relationships are greatly impacted by the quantity and quality of the life energy you have available. What’s so interesting is how blind we are to connecting the dots between what we do and how we use, care, protect and recharge energy, to respect the gift of life we received at birth.  

How you feel mentally and physically points to what you need to replenish. Tired? You likely need more sleep; give yourself the luxury of getting to bed early tonight Overwhelmed? Take a real break and go for a walk to help your brain quiet down and replenish… Low on energy? When was your last reasonably healthy snack or meal? How about having an orange, a handful of almond and tea?

And if your car needs not only gas, but also oil, coolant, wiper fluid and so on, you being a live being, need also a number of things to keep you going. And it won’t happen unless you make it happen.

So here is a challenge for you this week: instead of keeping yourself on automatic pilot, stop and ask yourself every day: “What do I need today to replenish and feel better about my day”? Choose something you can realistically do – and DO IT. Take care of you, so you can feel good, replenished, rested. Life is worth it. 


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