Spring clean your life

I used to think that ‘uncluttering’ time and space was such a meaningless, fashionable term.   But then every single day, I meet people who live life in a daze, frazzled by too many conficting demands on their time and energy.

It’s all too much. You’ve got work spilling into your personal life, personal life spilling into your sleep time, and so on.  You barely keep your nose above water.  The fact is: there won’t be less work or less demands.  The world won’t stop. YOU need to do something about it.  What can you do?

Ask yourself: if you were to deal with all these demands on you, 24/7 for a full year, would demands increase or decrease?  When I ask this question, it seems that everyone agrees that demands would increase.  So what will you go about taking control of demands, de-cluttering your life so there is more time and space for you?

Ask yourself: what are you alive for?  Are you entitled to a good life?  If your answer is yes (and I hope it is!), then you’ve got to make some changes.

Look for what most counts for you, for what you most value in your life: is it family time?  relationship time? chill time?  more sleep?  more time to feel alive?  Then, make time for it.  Which means deleting something that counts less or not at all, like watching the (mostly bad) news on TV instead of grabbing more sleep.  If you’re exhausted, learning about the latest news won’t get you more energy and clarity, but sleep will. Doesn’t this just makes sense?

Don’t fall for the “mañana” syndrome: you’ll get to it when you have time – or energy, or motivation, or whatever will appear magically.  You won’t and you know it.  Instead, look for what you can do TODAY –  how can you spring clean your day?  What counts most for you, today?  What do you have to let go in order to get to what counts?  And instead of justifying, get started on building a life for what counts for you – every little step counts.

Then, just DO IT. Actions, not intentions, deliver results. If you want something to change in your life – you’ve got to initiate that change – no one can do it for you.  So start, today.

Interested in learning more?  Read “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh.


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