Resilience: it’s your right to feel alive

Do you have the right to be alive?  Just a little reality check!  Or I could ask if you have the right to live a good, healthy, meaningful life.  Well, you say, of course!   Really?  So, how does this show up on a day like today?  Hmmm.  Yep, easier said than done.

Walking your talk is not easy.  No one has an easy time living the life we want.  My plate is full, and so is yours and everyone else I know,  We have jobs, kids, homes, friends, all competing for our time and attention.  But really, at the end of the day, what matters?

Ignoring yourself is no solution.  Too many of my clients just ignore themselves.  It’s easier to not think about yourself at all.  Right.  Sure. That’s life, you say. But then, what You get another life, to make up for this one?  No.  So how can you care, really show care for yourself, and give yourself the only life you’ll ever get?

You start caring for yourself and for your life, one day at a time.  And today being as good as any day, you decide on a small step, something that feels easy and right.  Not perfect!  Just taking a small step, in the right direction.

What will you do today, to live your right to feel alive?  It can be as simple as sitting down to a stir-fry you made instead of fries you bought.  As simple as turning off the TV and taking a walk with your spouse.  As simple as taking a real day off, instead of catching up on chores…  As simple as asking yourself what makes you feel alive…

What will you do, today, to LIVE your right to feel alive?


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