Life is short – life is beautiful

Today is a beautiful day, almost spring, with bright warm sun spilling over melting snow, fluffy clouds, and warm air that smells like spring.  It’s a beautiful day to live.  And for a friend taken to the hospital this afternoon, it’s a beautiful day to die.  He’s been given two hours.  It’s hard to imagine.

Life is short.  Days blend into one another with work and life demands, and always, there is too little time to do everything.  So we wait.  And wait.  Until we get a new job or a promotion that will leave us more time; until our kids grow up, or until we retire.

But hey, today IS a beautiful day.  And days won’t get any longer next year.  Demands won’t decrease.  There won’t be more time, or a better time.  The world will go on.

So, take a moment and make time to enjoy today.  It’s a beautiful day to be alive.  Celebrate today, celebrate feeling alive, in memory of Pat’s dad who will be dying today.


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