Life is beautiful in its imperfection

Life is so beautiful in its imperfection.
But perfectionism can poison your life and make you feel you’ll never be or do good enough. It’s time to stop.Everywhere I look, I see the quest for perfection. We want every day to bring a perfect day, a perfect Christmas, a perfect life. We put the bar so high that we never reach it. And instead of enjoying what we have and what’s right, we focus on trying harder to reach impossible heights.  Time to stop.Perfectionism makes everything and everyone never good enough, no matter what. It contaminates and poisons everything in life. Your Christmas is never perfect enough to be fully enjoyed. Your day is never as perfect as you imagined it. And YOU will never be as perfect as you want to be….

Looked at another way, perfection can be wonderful, appreciating those very special, fleeting moments of grace and perfection… Moments you wish would last forever…

How many perfect days and moments of perfect grace in a whole life? Well, maybe 10, or maybe 100. This is why perfection is so exquisitely rare and looked after.

It’s time to relax impossible standards… Life is not perfect, but it can be deliciously good. Enjoy a beautiful imperfect day!

Enjoy a beautiful imperfect Christmas this year.

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