You are human; not a superpower

If you believe you need to be on 24/7, to give your 150% at work, to eat vegan and gluten-free, run in a triathlon and make sure your kids  become the next Olympian/Nobel prize, just remember that you’re human, not a superpower.

Not you?  Wait.  Take a breath.  Have a look at your day, today.  Yes, this today.  How many things on your schedule?  Are you hyperventilating just thinking about your day?  It’s a sign! 🙂

Here are signs that you believe you’re a superpower:

  1. You cut back on sleep to fit in what you don’t have time to do otherwise.
  2. You can’t remember the last time you had a real meal, a real nap or a real vacation day.
  3. The minute you’re up, you’re on a roll and don’t stop until you roll back into bed, exhausted.
  4. You keep saying “after this next deadline, things will slow down”. Except they never do.
  5. You hyperventilate just thinking about your day – or your week.

You’re IT.   No one will rescue you from your crazy attempts to show yourself (or the world, or your crazy boss) that you can do it all and have it all.  This is between you and you.

Your life is IT. No one will hold your hand and tell you upfront that you’re running yourself into the ground.  No one, and I mean no one, will rescue you from your superpowers, because it makes their life so much easier. You’ll just know one day, that you’ve pretty much wasted your joy (and health, and hope) on things that don’t matter at all, in the big picture of your life.

So what can YOU do?  So here are few things you can do for yourself today.

  1. Sit.  Take a deep breath. Realize that nothing on your schedule today matters much in the big picture of your life. You probably won’t even remember it by tomorrow.
  2. Create time for you, in today’s schedule.  Take 10 minutes and do something that feels fun, inspiring, or restful.  And I don’t mean watching TV.  I mean something that feels real, that feels right and that feels good – all three.
  3. Who are your top people in your life?  Show them you love and appreciate them – whether text, email or call: show up for them.  It matters.
  4. Reconnect with life: take a 15 minutes walk, anywhere with trees or nature, and know that this is life.  Breathe it in, and let go of the stress.

There. You’re human again.  To be human is okay. Life is not about showing superpowers; it’s about feeling alive.



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