Being Human (not a robot, not a superpower)

This is the fifth post in a series about self-leadership: how your choices impact your health and your life, taking you towards a specific future.  Today: trying to be a super-power version of yourself undermines your health and your life.

Being human is allowing yourself to have needs. And needs are not rewards! You car needs gas, and regular oil changes, and good tires to keep going. You wouldn’t dream of thinking that gas is a reward once your car got you to destination. You car needs enough fuel to get you there. So why is it so hard for us think of sleep, food or rest as fuel for driving us to destination? We are not superpower, making something out of nothing. We are not robots. We are human.

Dog care and human care. We take better care of our dogs than of ourselves: Fido gets healthy kibbles, clean water, a good nap, a walk and play time outdoors to be healthy, happy, resilient. Are you getting as much? Do you feed yourself to be healthy – or grab a low-quality snack because it’s easy? Do you drink clean water – or coffee, beer or nothing at all? Do you allow yourself a good nap when you’re tired, or do you reach for an extra large coffee with an extra shot of espresso? And how about the last time you had play time outdoors and a walk? Yes, we take much better care of our dogs than we take of ourselves.


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