Feeling bored? Enjoy: it’s today’s ultimate luxury

Feeling bored?  How may times in your busy life can you actually say you’re bored?  Not that many, I guess.  Or at least I hope your life is not boring you!  What I’m talking about are those fleeting moments when we don’t have enough energy to do much… but just enough to feel bored.

Letting time slow down until boredom sets in is so unusual.  The minute I slow down, I have this immediate reaction to do something, right now.  Even though it’s meaningless like watching TV, or checking FB… Being busy feels right; being idle and bored feels wrong.

But here is what I discovered: it’s in those moments between being busy that I reconnect with myself (not always comfortable), get new insights, relax, think and get new ideas.   So here is my suggestion for this New Year:

Take time today to enjoy the ultimate luxury: let time slow down until you feel bored for a while…  Enjoy… It’s today’s ultimate luxury.


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