Empowerment is about creating time and space for what matters

I’m taking time to enjoy what IS this summer – you know, that feeling of contentment you get when everything is ‘just so’?  I have been slowing down, creating time and space for me; de-cluttering demands from everything: work, family and social life.  And so I have created more opportunities to renew my energy, inspiration and creativity…  Taking more walks on the beach at sunset, doing more swimming and paddling on beautiful and quiet lakes, spending more time with my kids and my friends…

This summer is also about reflecting on what really matters, because it can be so easily hidden under a flutter of demands and busy-ness.  How did I ever get ‘snowed in’ by too much stuff to do, too many demands on my time, space, schedule and energy?  It’s been so easy to clutter up my days with what seemed important or urgent – shopping instead of enjoying open time, working late to finish a report instead of relaxing at home, or watching a movie that brings me nothing at all instead of sleeping.

Some of it I did because it’s ‘expected’; some of it, because I had forgotten to look out for what truly counts; and some of it, because it demanded less energy to just go with the flow.  Slowing down allowed me to ask myself: is this really what counts to create the kind of life I dreamed of?  Will one more activity, one more report or one more movie give me the inspiration, fuel, and feeling of contentment I crave?  Mostly, not really.

If instead, I knew that each day could be ‘just so’, what would I do differently?  So I started thinking…  What if I trusted my gut to de-clutter and edit demands, every day? What if Itook the time, space and energy for what matters instead of going with the flow of demands?  How would this change in my life?

What a different take on life: instead of always rushing forward to the next thing, I would do what matters in my life:  more time and inner space for family, friends, purposeful and meaningful projects, for what makes life fun and luxuriant.  I’d appreciate and value more what I already have going for me in my life.  I’d stop feeling anxious, guilty, stressed, overwhelmed – or never good enough, fast enough or efficient enough.  Life would no longer be a race to finish (really!) – but a succession of moments to be enjoyed.  Oh, I’d still do things and be busy, but not all the time.   I would no longer feel out of control in the rush forward or in the feeling that there is never enough.

Instead, I’d feel just so, just right, well and content.

And the funny side of it all is that there IS always enough time and space – we always have the power to decide how we shape our days. And this feels like empowerment.


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