Debt costs you money & mental health

I’m happy to share this post, contributed by Glenda Barrington, Money Coach & Mortgage Agent: 

Debt costs you so much more than money! It affects your health, your relationships, your work and your life. If you have debt, you know it’s costing you extra money as interest piles up fast. Credit card interest hovers around 20%, which means that your debt doubles every five years. Scary. If you pay the required minimum, you progressively get more and more into debt, so it’s not unusual for clients to start borrowing more to make payments, and to feel like their life is getting out of control… Where will they find the money? It’s a major stress – and ignoring it won’t make it disappear – it keeps growing!   

If you are in debt, you probably feel more anxious or overwhelmed… What can you do…? It starts to affect your sleep, then your mental & physical health.  Being in debt also impacts your relationships, your self-esteem and your self-confidence.  It makes it difficult to control your emotions and puts extra pressure on your family. Debt can literally tear you down, and in a pandemic, it adds to the overall stress of all the change, disruption and uncertainty; it takes a toll on you, on your relationship and on your family.

So what can you do? My goal is to help you gain the knowledge and skills to get out of debt, stay out of debt and build a meaningful life. My approach is based on my personal and professional experience as a Money Coach and Mortgage Agent to help you improve your quality of life, to take control over finances and live debt-free, independent and on your terms.

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