Believing in yourself takes care

Do you believe in yourself?  Most people would say a wholehearted yes, yet what they do doesn’t add up.  If you wake up craving for more sleep, too late for work to have a real breakfast, too busy to take a walk or to take a day off to relax, you don’t.  No matter what excellent reason you might think you have, going the way you are, you are working yourself into the ground.  Believing in yourself would mean caring enough to give yourself a foundation to succeed by taking the best possible care of you.  When you believe in someone, you treat that person with care, respect and love.
So… Do you believe in yourself?
You, not an external power, control your life.  But too many people act as if they were controlled by their boss, their phone, their schedule, their kids, their parents – or their dog.  You make your own habits and decisions and you live them out: are they supporting you?
You lead your life.  You are responsible for yourself: junk food or lack of sleep, repeated often enough, impacts your health and your life – of course.  Yet most of the time, we ignore the consequences.  I’m wondering… how many times did you press the snooze button this morning and wished you had another hour in bed?  And yesterday?  And how often does this happen?  Minimizing the impacts of what you actually do doesn’t make them any less.  
How will you lead your own life, today?  
You own your life  Your life belongs to you. We live the consequences of our own decisions, every day, and the impacts build up.  Cumulative lack of sleep, too much junk food? Within weeks, you feel sluggish and too tired to move, so you gain weight; you get a cold which seems to last forever… and you are wondering why you feel sick and tired…with so much you want to do.  You wouldn’t even think of treating your dog so poorly.  So when will you start really showing yourself the care you need as a live being?  How will you care for yourself today? 
Aware or not, you are “it” and you make choices – whether it’s small things like what you’ll get for breakfast, or bigger things, like taking a demanding promotion, you’re “it”: you determine what happens to you and your quality of life.  From the moment you wake up, your decisions determine your days: early night and up on time – or late night, late waking and late to work? Healthy lunch or junk? Life goes on and on… the cumulative results of small choices you make every day… Some mindless, maybe, but choices are still choices, with consequences.  
What’s a better, realistic choice you can make for yourself, right now? 

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing for another year, does this take you to the kind of life you want for yourself?  Take the lead on your life: believe in yourself by caring and respecting what you need to show up in your life.


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