Adult Fairy Tales

We adults thrive on Fairy Tales that destroy our quality of life.  Fairy Tales such as being ‘perfect’; making ‘perfect decisions’; doing everything on our agenda (and fitting 20 hours of work into 7.5) and working at our 100% best.  These Fairy Tales poison our lives, keeping us in a state of perpetual guilt and feeling never quite good enough.

Like a slow leak, guilt and perfectionism rob us of our energy.  Instead of feeling content and at peace, we feel inadequate, weak and somewhat like a fraud.  We feel obsessed with doing more, being better, being perfect, all the time – even if it kills us.

When people around us use guilt as a weapon, it holds even more power – it reinforces our life-long guilt training.  It erodes our healthy boundaries, such as the vital need we have to take time for ourselves, to rekindle inspiration and energy and motivation, to make life worth living.

It’s time to get rid of poisonous fairy tales, and replace them with facts: no one can do everything, or deal with everything, perfectly, all the time.  We can’t work at more than 100% capacity.  And if you give it all out: 100% at work, 100% at home, that’s 200% and it’s NOT sustainable.  There is NOTHING left for YOU.

Yet, you ARE much more than good enough.



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