A 10-minute solution: action generates motivation

The 10-minute solution –   Doing something today is always better than postponing, hoping to find a perfect moment which may be tomorrow – or never.  I have learned that what works in life is using time, no matter how small the moment or the attempt: this is my 10 minute solution.  We don’t create time, we use it.  To get to do something instead of procrastinating, there is nothing as powerful as getting started.  Motivation generates action, absolutely. But taking action is a powerful tool that generates and fuels motivation.

Action generates and fuels motivation – It’s easy to feel tired, demotivated or simply feeling there will never be enough time for… (you fill in the blank).  But no matter how tired or pressed for time, I can find 10 minutes and get going.  I can start walking, 10 minutes at a time; I can de-clutter for 10 minutes; and I can write a 10-minute email.  It works!

Getting started instead of chronically procrastinating.  Ever heard of ‘The Power of NOW’?  Getting started, instead of procrastinating forever to mañana, is an incredibly powerful strategy.  Whenever feeling paralyzed into inaction, or asking myself if I should, can, or have time, getting started takes away the weight of looking for a perfect moment, and I start to believe that I can do it.  Getting started gives me energy and empowers me to act, in small doses – instead of waiting for the perfect moment.

The secret is doing it NOW.  It’s better to do something, even a very little something, right NOW, than to wait for the perfect moment and the perfect solution – which never happens!

And a little bit of anything, is ALWAYS better than a great deal of NOTHING.

So, what will YOU try for your first 10-minute solution, right now?


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