Resilient, recharged & thriving in times of uncertainty

Our goal is to help you build your resilience skills, resources and capacity, so you can thrive – instead of coping.  Imagine your life with less stress, more energy… and the resilience skills and resources you need to meet the demands and challenges of virtual work and changing life balance.  Imagine having time and energy for your life: motivated, productive, balanced and a whole lot happier. Imagine yourself, your family and your team growing new skills and thriving instead of coping. We can help you with personalized coaching, motivating group sessions and practical courses that will transform your life.


Coaching sessions

Individual Resilience Coaching: Imagine yourself, energized and moving forward as a “Plus 10”. This past year has been a challenge, to say the least.  Whether your focus is to improve your life, your career or both, coaching will provide you effective, simple tools, strategies and guidance.  It will provide solid ground on which to build your personal and work life.  Working with an experienced coach will help you build a solid foundation based on practical, realistic strategies.

Coaching will help you gain new insights, skills and tools to enhance your resilience and leadership, and will provide a solid foundation on which to build your personal and work life. All coaching sessions are one-on-one, confidential and available virtually using Zoom or other video platform.

Executive Resilience Coaching to build a life & career that fits you: 2020 has been a year marked by so many challenges.  What did you learn or do differently this past year that you want to keep beyond the challenges of life in pandemic times?  What are you thankful for, this year?  And what area you ready to change, to give yourself a better life?

With so much change, worry and uncertainty, you know that mental health is an important focus as much for you as for your family and your team.  Working with an experienced, professional coach will help you build a strategic approach using practical, realistic solutions. We’ll help you identify, implement and maintain new habits that go a long way in reducing stress, fuelling motivation and productivity, and building resilience.  All coaching sessions are one-on-one, confidential and available virtually using Zoom or another video platform.

About coaching

Coaching provides you the motivation, strategies and tools to grow your life and career, by focusing on realistic actions that lead to success, with multi-dimensional, practical strategies and solutions.  You prioritize choices and actions that deliver best results, through progressive sessions that take you from now to your future.  We plan and build strategies, tools and actions to improve your personal and work life, and help you build a life and career that fits you, your needs, your objectives. Coaching delivers significant, long-lasting results, by using personalized strategies that work for you, and for the long term.  It supports your priorities, your dreams and your goals. For more information and costs about coaching, contact us:

Coaching will help you:

  1. Improve work-life balance while working from home
  2. Reduce the stress & impacts of change, new demands & uncertainty
  3. Improve your mental-physical health and your quality of life
  4. Build energy and motivation to prevent burnout
  5. Enhance your leadership skills
  6. Explore new career potential
  7. Deal with a life transition or to build a better life
  8. Make better use of time and energy each day
  9. Structure a manageable workload
  10. Negotiate expectations and priorities
  11. Create the right balance to maintain mental health & quality of life
  12. Focus on sustainable, appealing and realistic strategies

Virtual Group Sessions

Resilience & Mental Health – Leadership Through Change

Virtual Group Sessions & Workshops – from coping to thriving.  In 2021 more than ever before, we are dealing with more demands, more change and uncertainty as the pandemic lockdowns continue to impact our reality.  Virtual work is fast, changing and demanding.  Faced with the pandemic and so much to deal with, it’s essential to focus your team’s mental health and resilience, and to maintain motivation, productivity and sustainability.  We can help, by providing practical, interactive virtual group sessions that truly fit the needs of your team, providing them effective, user-friendly skills and resources.  

Group Sessions & Workshops – from coping to thriving. This year’s pandemic has changed how we work, with unexpected change and challenges that affect everyone.   If, only a year ago, our workplaces were fast-changing, demanding and multi-dimensional, now it’s reached a critical point, and this is where resilience-building sessions focusing on reducing stress, maintaining mental health, and build work-life balance despite uncertainty are essential to keeping people productive, resilient, mentally and physically healthy, to prevent depletion, turnover and burnout. Whether you need a small group session, an all-staff retreat or interactive training for your management team or employees, we can design practical, interactive virtual group sessions that truly fit the needs of your group and deliver tangible results.

Our mission is to help employees, leaders and organizations develop user-friendly resilience skills and resources they can apply in real life.  We use a three-dimensional framework of adaptable strategies that can be applied at work and in personal life.  We will enhance individual and team capacity, morale and productivity for a healthier, mentally supportive, sustainable workplace culture.

Our customized virtual interactive group sessions

We can design and customize a session that fits the needs of your group, whether it’s one-hour all-staff or department meeting, several training sessions for managers, or a leadership team virtual retreat.  Below are some of the sessions we provided so far this year to management teams, executives, managers and employees for management or staff retreats, department meetings and employees wellness and mental health training.

  1. 4-R approach to resilience & mental health: Reassess perceptions; Reduce chronic stress; Recharge energy; Reframe action plan
  2. Resilience, mental health & productivity in pandemic times & beyond
  3. Working virtually: transforming challenges into assets
  4. Change modulation & long-term adaptation
  5. Building better work-life balance in pandemic times and beyond
  6. The learner mindset (addressing cost of perfectionism on workplace)
  7. Managing virtually a productive, sustainable virtual team
  8. Time & priority management in a virtual workplace
  9. Leading change & transition (also: dealing with change)
  10. Improve productivity, motivation & capacity with resilience strategies
  11. Healthier workplace culture: productivity, mental health & resilience
  12. Stress management: reduce, prevent & avoid chronic stress & burnout
  13. Resilient leadership for a resilient, productive workplace
  14. Virtual communication skills & strategies
  15. Successful difficult conversations, people & situations
  16. Working better together (team-building)
  17. Caring for the caregivers
  18. Preventing & dealing with harassment at work
  19. Cultural diversity: a respectful workplace
  20. Intergenerational workplace

For more information and costs, contact us:

Coach Training Courses

Professional/Coach Training Courses.  Build new competencies, and access new opportunities, learning the key skills of resilience coaching and building new professional expertise.  Resilience is more than ever an essential skillset – but for most of us, including trained coaches and therapists, a blurry concept.  The following courses provide the essential knowledge, strategies, insights and tools you need to be a more effective professional, in a time when resilience is in high demand.  Continuing education credits are provided by ILCT (institute for Life Coach Training) towards ICF accreditation.  

Coaching for Personal Resilience – live virtual course, 10 weeks, Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  Course UNDERWAY: April 8-June 10, 2021. A ground-breaking, practical course to introduce professionals and coaches working in mental health, health care, human resources, change management and learning institutions.  Learn to coach a practical, effective approach to resilience-building.  You will identify what makes a strong resilience skillet, and coach individuals as they grow their vision, skills and resources to best face life’s challenges and thrive To register or for more information, click here:

Resilience 101 – live virtual course, 3 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  REGISTRATION OPEN: June 15-29, 2021.Learn simple tips, tools and strategies that will build a life that truly fits you.  Access easy resilience strategies and skills, and build capacity with easy steps.  Make the most of your busy life and show up motivated, energized and ready to move forward.  To register or for more information, click here:

Organizational Resilience & Resilient Leadership Coach Training – live virtual course, 10 weeks, Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  Course now underway, with next session scheduled for January 2022.  This coach training course builds on personal resilience concepts, with a positive, practical approach to building individual and collective resilience in a resilient work culture.  Learn what makes resilient leadership and how to design interactive virtual resilience group sessions.  Prerequisites: 40 hours of coach training, plus completed one of the following courses:  Resilience 101 or Coaching for Personal Resilience. For more information or to register, click here:

Coaching for Family Resilience – live virtual course, 5 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm ET. REGISTRATION OPEN: August 17-September 14, 2021. This coach training course will deepen and broaden knowledge and strategies introduced in Resilience 101, to help your clients grow and build healthy, resilient family dynamics. For more information or to register, click here:

About Resilience

Resilience is your Life Owner’s Maintenance Manual. Whether you buy a car or a blender, it comes with an owner’s manual providing clear instructions, cautions and troubleshooting.  Your car needs gas (fuel) and oil changes (maintenance) to keep working.  Not either-or – both.  Fuel and maintenance for your car are needs, not rewards.  How about you?  Are you running on fumes or on a full tank?  Do you refuel enough and often to keep going without losing traction?  And do you give yourself enough regular maintenance?  Adding bells and whistles to your car or going to the carwash?  Amazing, and it still needs fuel and maintenance.  How about you? A shower, a massage and clean clothes?  Amazing, and you still need fuel and maintenance.

Resilience keeps you thriving instead of barely coping with every day demands.  Resilience keeps you going forward today, tomorrow and next week, by protecting and restoring your mental & physical capacity so you show up at your best and make the most of your circumstances.

Resilience is about maintaining your mental (and physical) health, quality of life, motivation… You learn the power of making intentional choices, to support and lead you into the life you deserve to have.

Resilience-focused coaching and group sessions will help you meet your objectives easily, with the least investment for the best results.  Our goal is to make your life and work easier and lighter,  with a common-sense, simple-step approach based on expertise and 30 years of professional experience to build resilience, balance, energy, motivation and leadership into your life, career and workplace.

About Catherine

Catherine Morisset, PCC Professional Certified Coach ACC-ICF; PCC Certified Life & Resilience Coach ILCT; Board-Certified Coach CCE; BA Psychology UO.  E-RYT YA; NWS/OAS-CFP; CALA

Languages: English, French, Spanish.  Government Security Clearance: secret

Catherine:  I love how my work allows me to help people build a life and career that inspires, fulfills and fits them.  But it took me years of exploring and acquiring experience in business and adult education to finally identify that my life’s work would be to help others build a resilient life and career.  It started with my keen interest in how we can be more resilient – the skill set,  the vision and the self-maintenance habits we build through our choices – and I had plenty of new choices to make after I burned out in my late 20’s…  Later on, I single-handedly raised three kids to adulthood while working full time and preparing for the next phase of my life with a degree in psychology and two coaching certifications.  Life was busy and full, and resilience?  It was front and centre – I knew how essential it was to my life. But how were other people doing?  What was the research?  My fascination grew,  and so did my curiosity about learning what makes us resilient – and what brings us down.  Little things, and big events.  And too often the little things that we don’t pay attention to, like overworking, stress overload, and chronic neglect of our basic needs.  The little things were cumulative, and led to a vicious cycle: depletion, burnout, progressive loss of mental and physical health.  The little things were also the secret in building a resilient life, career – and even a whole team and organization.  I hope to have the opportunity to help you address some of these, whether for your own life, or for your team and organization, to identify and build resilience.

What makes me a great coach? My passion, approach, background, experience… and I walk my talk

My passion is helping you build the life and career you dream of, now and for the future, as you improve your quality of life, and your health, too.

My approach is that respectful progressive small steps work best to improve how you can lead and support your life to grow more resilient, and I’ll help you find new options, and implement simple, practical strategies to get the results you want.

My professional background includes 10 years as teacher on faculty with the Canada School of Public Service, coaching and training leaders towards resilience and wellness; six years providing ICF-credited coach training to professionals internationally; and overall 28 years of coaching and training leaders, executives and employees in the public and private sectors.  I’ve been given the opportunity of leading an adult education department, and of managing four successful businesses.

My life experience – being a single mom to three fantastic kids is part of real life and helps me understand the challenges that life throws us.  It’s made me who I am, too.

I walk my talk. I love my work, but I also keep space to live a good, satisfying, resilient life…  Whether connecting with family and friends, quiet writing,  hiking up a Gatineau hill or down a canyon in Arizona, dancing salsa, teaching Yoga or meditation, sea-kayaking somewhere in Canada, or free-diving in the ocean.  Every day offers a menu of wonderful discoveries and experiences. It’s been exciting, challenging, and it led me to meet you today.  Amazing.  Let’s dig in: what do you want out of your life?

Our clients learn how to build a thriving, resilient life & career

Group sessions help people like you get more out of life. We design and deliver motivating group sessions, courses and staff retreats, and provide individual coaching to leaders, executives, employees and people who want to build a rich life, a rewarding career and a better workplace.  We provide coaching to leaders, executives,  busy professionals, parents, helping them build supportive resilience strategies to life and work challenges, such as life and career transitions, adaptation to change, complex personal issues and burnout.

Our Clients

We work regularly with federal government departments and agencies, with national and international organizations, and with individual clients.  Our clients are busy with the challenges of a fast-paced, multi-dimensional, diverse workplace and demanding family/personal life.  They want and deserve the best outcomes, and we provide them with adapted, realistic, practical strategies and solutions.

We are based in Ottawa, Canada and work virtually with clients around the world.

  • CIC – Citizenship & Immigration Canada
  • CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency
  • CRA – Canada Revenue Agency
  • CRCC – Civilian Reviews & Complaints Commission (RCMP)
  • CSA – Canada Space Agency
  • CSPS – Canada School of Public Service
  • DFATD – Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada
  • DFO – Fisheries & Oceans Canada
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization  (professional association of entrepreneurs)
  • ESDC-HRSDC – Employment & Social Development Canada
  • FCM – Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • HC/SC – Health Canada
  • ILCT – Institute for Life Coach Training (USA)
  • INAC – Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada
  • Justice Canada
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • NFSB – New Frontiers School Board
  • PPSC
  • Public Safety
  • RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Service Canada
  • SOS-HC – Specialized Organizational Services, Health Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • TBS – Treasury Board

Our approach – user-friendly, practical, applicable, result-oriented.  I believe in a personalized approach that provides clear strategies, positive motivation and measurable results – because it works! My objective is to make your life easier and lighter, focusing on less investment… and better outcomes.  I know from experience that simple, small steps are easier to implement, apply and maintain, and that they deliver better results. Whether you want to improve your life, your career, your team or your organization, I can help you identify, implement and maintain simple, realistic, effective strategies that work specifically for your needs.

Our commitment is to get you the best outcomes



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Catherine truly set the tone for our group to start small and connect with reasonable goals. She exemplified by her words and the questions she asked. She was fully present and inspired and element of calm focus. It was clearly evident that she loves what she does and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She taught from a place of genuine passion and expertise to the field of resilience and how it applies at a personal and organizational level.
Jennifer D.
About the Organizational Resilience course Catherine created and teaches at ILCT to train executive and business coaches: There are very few courses that I've taken that were as transformative and life-changing. This is one of them. Wonderful course and excellent instructor.
Dr. Kathy Terry
Your suggestions really helped and I look forward to further coaching with you. I appreciate your insights, suggestions, patience and encouragement over the past sessions. I know I have made some changes for the better and look forward to following up on the rest and succeeding.
James, Executive Coaching Client
Catherine’s approach was instrumental in re-creating our organization for the future: it changed everything. The insights, tools and strategies Catherine provided us have helped create a better, stronger organizational culture.
Sean, CEO Retreat
What Catherine taught me was how to focus on core strengths. Sounds something somewhat trite but it has made a substantive difference in my overall performance and quality of life, to function more effectively as an executive.
Bill, Executive Coaching Client
Your coaching sessions have helped me tremendously. Whereas a few months ago, I felt close to burnout, I can see how my life has changed for the better. I have restored myself, and I can address clearly how I can build a better career and a better life for myself. Thanks for your support, for the strategies you shared, and for believing in me.
Susan, Resilience Coaching Client
Yesterday’s Resilience-Building session for our team was such an eye-opener, and we have had so many positive comments. We look forward to our next session with you.
Greg, Resilience Team Session


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