We help you integrate effective resilience solutions for work & life

We offer interactive & engaging virtual group sessions, one-on-one executive & personal coaching, and coach-training courses, uncovering solutions to help you thrive at work and in your personal life

Our interactive group sessions and coaching provide you with a plan, clear direction, resources and the skillset you need to improve motivation, quality of life, mental health in a sustainability-based mindset.  You’ll learn the power of intentional choices to support and lead you into your life.

We are based in Ottawa, Canada and work virtually with clients around the world.


Resilience is about thriving – not coping 

Resilience in a nutshell: is a process through which you build and maintain yourself through life.  It involves replenishing your energy resources, building a supportive skillset and focusing on a big picture vision that allows you to connect choices, actions and consequences.  Long-term resilience is about sustainability, not about using your 100% as if there was no tomorrow.  For this, you need to assess how best to invest your time, energy and capacity, so you can move forward unscathed, despite life turmoils, uncertainty and challenges.

What makes us resilient: 

A) Our life resources – based on how we recharge and maintain mental/physical capacity, energy and time.

B) Our skillset – how we recharge mental/physical resources, how we reduce stress and replenish energy, and we become aware of and grow self-leadership.

C) Our “GPS” vision – how we align and connect reality, choices and actions with desired consequences.

Make deliberate choices to improve capacity, grow better skills and replenish your resources, so you thrive in life and work.   Resilience is anchored in a life-long process of conscious living, supported by deliberate choices and actions leading to your best outcomes.

Restore mental capacity and recharge physical resources. The combination of both will keep you motivated, emotionally well, engaged, clear and focused.  And as you go, you’ll also grow a strategic approach to your life and career. Seems easy?  We’ve been coaching and training people for over thirty years,  and there is more to it than a standard instruction manual.  If there was, everyone would already be doing it.  We don’t know what we haven’t learned.

Resilience is being aware that you make choices, every day.  How you live your days matters.  Your life is happening right now and today is not a rehearsal.  Asking yourself what small change you can make today can transform your life and career over a short period of time.  It starts with you taking control over what you can, and letting go of what you can’t change.  We can’t change external circumstances, but we have a lot of control and choices in life.  What are your choices?  This, and so much more, is what we’ll explore together, and how you will learn to truly lead and support your life.

To build a resilience-based life and work, you need to apply strategies that support you mentally and physically, grow your self-leadership skills, and learn how you can more easily deal with the demands and challenges of your life, so you have more focus, better energy and less stress.  Resilience is about thriving, living a motivating, productive, balanced, satisfying life.  And it’s about being a whole lot happier with yourself and with life.  We are here to help you; just call or email us.


Virtual group sessions: resilience, leadership & mental health

Virtual Group Sessions & Workshops – from coping to thriving. The pandemic has radically transformed how we work, and practically overnight. It affects everyone.  The 24/7 workplace and virtual work bring new challenges that impact mental wellbeing, motivation, quality of life and performance.  You need different tools and new perspectives.  You need to structure your days differently so there is space for living. Resilience training will provide you and your team tools and strategies to recharge energy and motivation, to reduce stress load and to build a healthy, productive workplace and life. Resilience-building can prevent depletion, turnover and burnout.  In our sessions, we’ll focus on reducing stress, building capacity and mental health, and building realistic work-life balance.

Whether you need a small group session, an all-staff retreat or interactive training for your management team or employees, we can design practical, interactive virtual or in-person group sessions that truly fit the needs of your group and deliver tangible results.

Our mission is to help you, whether you are a leader, an entrepreneur, a manager or an employee.  We will provide you simple solutions that can easily be integrated into your own life and work.  We’ll help your team and your organization develop simple, realistic resilience solutions using a multi-factor framework of adaptable strategies. Our solutions will enhance individual and team capacity, morale and productivity, building a healthier, mentally supportive, sustainable workplace culture.

Interactive customized virtual group sessions

We design sessions to best fit the needs of your group, whether for a staff retreat, a department meeting, training sessions for a leadership team or managers, or a wellness or mental health training. Below is a sample of customized sessions we designed and provided this year:

Resilience, Mental Health, Burnout Prevention

  1. Build resilience & mental health
  2. Mental self-care strategies
  3. Work-life balance – 3-D to resilience
  4. From coping to thriving: productivity, motivation & resilience
  5. Mental health/ stress management: introduction to mindfulness techniques
  6. Five steps to reduce & avoid chronic stress & burnout

Resilient Workplace

  1. Resilient leadership: a proactive strategic approach
  2. Work, manage & lead virtually: resilient, healthy, productive, sustainable
  3. Lead effectively through constant change & transition
  4. Difficult conversations, people & circumstances
  5. Harassment & bullying: solutions & strategies
  6. Inclusion & diversity: a respectful workplace
  7. Intergenerational workplace
  8. Virtual communication skills for results
  9. Planning the future of work
  10. Working better together (team-building)

Resilient Life & Work Planning

  1. Manage your life resources: time, energy & mental space
  2. Change & adaptability strategies in a fast-moving world
  3. Build capacity & sustainability with highly productive days


  1. Caring for caregivers: strategies, tools & resources
  2. Healthy, resilient family dynamics

All group sessions can be delivered in English, French or bilingual format (Canada) or in English, French or Spanish (international) including learning aids. For more information and costs, contact us: catherine@imagineplus.ca

Executive, Leadership & Resilience coaching

We’ve been coaching clients for over 30 years, and our prime objective is to help you uncover and apply what works for you.

Coaching is about uncovering how you can better support and lead yourself into your life, providing you a safe space to explore solutions to your challenges, to connect with your strengths and potential, to build new skills and strategies.  As experienced coaches, our goal is to support you, so you can live and work better.

What can you expect from coaching?  To integrate your vision within your reality. To understand how taking full responsibility for your choices and for your life is key to living the life you want. To commit to yourself right now, to practice your commitments, building a solid path towards the future you want. You are starting a forward-looking journey that starts with your quality of life in the present.

Our background in coaching, mental health and resilience help us understand quickly your challenges, uncovering new perspectives, strategies and solutions that work best for you.  Our clients say that coaching transformed their life and career, with significant, long-reaching results.

Book an exploratory call with either Catherine or Emilie and see how you’d benefit from a coaching approach to your personal life, career or business.  

Coaching sessions

Coaching provides effective, simple tools, realistic strategies and experienced guidance – a solid foundation on which to build your personal and work life. We use a personalized approach, helping you show up at your best in your life and career.  All coaching sessions are one-on-one, confidential and available virtually.

Suggestion: book an exploratory call and speak with Catherine or Emilie.

Executive & Management Resilience Coaching:  Develop a resilient approach to change and challenges. Learn how to showcase your strengths, enhance your skillset, build new competencies, improve your strategic thinking for real-life circumstances.

Life Transition Coaching: Whether you face a promotion, a change of career or retirement, Catherine will help you determine your best options, and how to best support the next phase of your life.

Small Business Coaching: Trying to get your life project off the ground?  Emilie and Catherine are both expert coaches and will help you determine structure, path and convert them into feasible steps that work.

Mental Health/ Resilience Coaching: Mental health is key to adaptability, productivity and sustainability, and it needs to be recharged and maintained. Learn how your choices can lessen your chronic stress and reduce the risk of burnout, with sustainable practices to support you.

Individual Self-Leadership Coaching:  Improve your personal life and your career with effective, simple tools, realistic strategies and experienced guidance – a solid foundation on which to build your personal and work life.

Coaching will help you:

  1. Improve quality of life and work-life balance
  2. Improve mental and physical energy, health & performance
  3. Reduce chronic stress load and risk of burnout
  4. Structure workload, expectations and priorities
  5. Support through career or life transition
  6. Learn how strategic thinking can transform your days
  7. Develop your leadership capacity, skillset & competencies
  8. Master the power of negotiation and peer-coaching

Professional coach training courses: coaching with a resilient approach

Build your professional expertise and skillset with a resilience approach.  Resilience is now more than ever an essential skillset to enhance your coaching practice.  Learn what resilience is (tip: it’s not about pushing forward and enduring) and how to use it for best results.  The following courses provide essential knowledge, strategies, tips, assessments and tools to build your coaching business and practice.

The following courses provide CEC’s towards ICF and CCE coaching accreditation 

Coaching for Personal Resilience (20 CEC’s) – live virtual course, 10 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  Spring session April 19-Jun 28, 2022. Registration opens Jan 2022. A ground-breaking, important practical course to introduce professionals and coaches working in mental health, health care, human resources, change management and learning institutions.  Learn to coach with a practical, effective approach to resilience-building.  Build a strong resilience skillet, and coach individuals to grow vision, skills and resources to best face life’s challenges and thrive To register or for more information, click here:  https://www.lifecoachtraining.com/programs/all_courses/coaching_for_personal_resilienc

Resilience 101 (6 CEC’s) – live virtual course, 3 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  Next session scheduled for late spring 2022.  Learn simple tips, tools and strategies to build your own resilience capacity with easy steps.  Make the most of your busy life and show up motivated, energized and ready to move forward.  To register or for more information, click here: https://www.lifecoachtraining.com/programs/all_courses/resilience-101-your-life-owners-manual

Organizational Resilience & Resilient Leadership Coach Training (20 CEC’s) – live virtual course, 10 weeks, Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  Next session scheduled Jan 13-Mar 17, 2022. Registration now open. A coach training course building on personal resilience concepts, with a cohesive, practical approach to building individual and collective resilience in the work culture.  Learn what defines resilient leadership and how to design effective, engaging virtual group sessions.  Prerequisites: 40 hours of coach training plus completing one of the following courses: Resilience 101 OR Coaching for Personal Resilience. To register or for more information, click here:   https://www.lifecoachtraining.com/programs/all_courses/organizational_resilience 

Coaching for Family Resilience (10 CEC’s) – live virtual course, 5 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm. Feb 15-Mar 8, 2022. Registration now open. This coach training course will deepen and broaden knowledge and strategies introduced in Resilience 101, to help your clients grow and build healthy, resilient family dynamics. For more information or to register, click here:                  https://www.lifecoachtraining.com/programs/all_courses/coaching-for-family-resilience

Coming Up Fall 2022 – Resilience: Recovering from Extreme Stress & Burnout (12 CEC’s) – live virtual course, 6 weeks, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm ET.  The pandemic brought more than we could deal with, and then some more.  How can you help your clients recover and rebuild, develop new skills and better capacity?  For more information or to register, contact us at catherine@imagineplus.ca   


About Catherine Morisset

Catherine Morisset, Professional Certified Coach PCC-ICF; Certified Life & Resilience Coach ILCT; Board-Certified Coach BCC-CCE; BA Psychology UO.  E-RYT YA; NWS/OAS-CFP; CALA. Canadian Federal Government Secret Clearance

I am a coach, speaker, teacher and entrepreneur eager to use my thirty-plus years of experience in building strong, resourceful, resilient individuals and communities.  I strongly believe that we can change and that we grow because we live through unexpected and challenging life circumstances.  Of course, life shapes our reality, but we determine how we perceive these circumstances, and how we use them to explore new possibilities and make better choices.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without my own challenges and hardships: they gave me the depth and understanding to be here now.

I love my work, which is about helping my clients build and live a life that truly fits and fulfills them, and I’ve invested years studying, learning and applying how we each have the innate power to build health, quality of life and resilience…

I have been teaching and coaching clients about a resilient approach to life, career and leadership for the past thirty years, working for organizations such as the Canada School of Public Service (2004-2013), ESDC Economic & Social Development Canada (2015-ongoing) and SOS-Health Canada (2008-ongoing).  I was one of the very first professionals to address the place of resilience in mental health, and to put resilience on the map, creating in 2014 a stream of ICF-recognized coaching certification courses focusing on a resilience mindset.  I also initiated a resilience model into leadership and change management context for the Canadian federal government and private sector.

I coach, write and teach about resilient life and resilient leadership, healthy sustainable workplace, mental health, work and life balance, preventing burnout, caregiving and resilient families, and change-transition in Canada and internationally. I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and hold the following professional denominations: Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (PCC-ICF); Board-Certified Coach, Centre for Credentialing & Education (BCC-CCE). I also hold current professional certifications in fields related to quality of life, health and mindfulness, such as E-RYT-YA Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance) and past professional certifications and professional experience in fitness, specialty fitness, holistic wellness, nutrition, medical exercise, meditation and aqua therapy. Life interests me, so I really enjoy learning different aspects of what makes us feel alive and resilient. I am also qualified to work with personality type tools such as the Enneagram, and provided 360-surveys across national organizations.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you, your family, team or organization build their resilience potential, with small steps that turn into massive improvements in quality of life, sustainability, mental and physical health, and resilience.  Book a call or email me at catherine@imagineplus.ca

We provide services in English, French and Spanish.

About Emilie Phaneuf

I am a consultant, teacher, and entrepreneur with twenty years of professional experience in helping my clients build powerful self-belief, resourcefulness, and a strong community. My personal and professional experience have shown me that clarity, determination, and a resilient mindset can transform the way we experience life.

Two decades ago, I founded one of the top dance schools in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. My objective was to build a supportive community of empowered individuals through movement and self-expression. In 2018 through popular vote from my community, I was awarded the region’s most motivating and favorite dance instructor. I built a business based on strong life values, rejecting the common belief that we can either grow a life or make a living. We can and deserve to have both, and my purpose is to help my clients build a healthy life to grow and shine, through a sustainable and respectful approach.

I am thrilled to become a founding partner in Imagine Plus Solutions Inc. and to pursue my life-long passion of encouraging my clients to find freedom in the present moment and to move forward in a life that inspires and supports them.

I provide interactive group sessions in English and in French, focusing on the power of a resilient mindset to achieve goals and dreams, to celebrate accomplishments and to build a thriving and healthy community. I design and deliver self-leadership, work/life balance, burnout prevention and change management training in Canada and internationally. I studied business at the University of Ottawa and I am currently working towards my ACC certification.


Our commitment

Our passion is to help you build the life and career you dream of, now and for the future, as you improve your quality of life, your energy, health and productivity, leading you to the successful life you want.

Our cohesive approach based on effective small, progressive steps work best to improve skillset, capacity, competencies, resources and strategic vision. We use a personalized approach with clear strategies, positive motivation and measurable results – because it works!

Our objectives are based on making your life easier, more gratifying and supportive, with small steps that are easier to implement, maintain, and deliver better results.

Our experience which provides you different perspectives, new options, and realistic, easily implementable strategies that work.

Our professional background with over 30 years of dedicated professional practice, coaching and training thousands of busy clients, providing the vision, awareness, new perspectives and strategies needed to build a resilient, gratifying life and career.  We also provide ICF-credited coach training to professionals internationally; and offer you our expertise coaching and training leaders, executives and employees in the public and private sectors.

Our life experience – Having been successful executives and entrepreneurs, having lived through taking projects from ground to success gives us the insights and wisdom to help you find your own recipe to success, and helps us understand the challenges that life throws us.

We walk our talk. We love our work, but we also keep space to live a good, satisfying, resilient life…  We hold space to live and to take care of ourselves, so we too can keep going despite challenges and thrive!  We have full lives, like you do, and we make sure we don’t use up all our time, energy and mental capacity in one area. We keep time for family and friends, for fun and for quiet, to rest, recharge and realign our choices with what we most treasure.  We hope that through our workshops, courses and coaching sessions, you’ll find that life offers you a menu of wonderful discoveries and experiences.  We hope to share this with you, soon.

Our purpose is to help you integrate key strategies to support & build your capacity despite challenges, & THRIVE

Our Clients

We work with federal government departments and agencies, national and international organizations, and individual clients.  Our clients are busy people like you, who deal daily with the challenges of a fast-paced, multi-dimensional, diverse workplace and demanding family/personal life.  They want and deserve the best outcomes, and we provide them with adapted, realistic, practical strategies and solutions.

  • SOS-HC Qualified Service Provider 2008-current
  • CSPS Canada School of Public Service Faculty 2007-2011
  • CBSA, CRA, CRCC & Canada Space Agency
  • Global Affairs
  • Fisheries & Oceans Canada
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • FCM – Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Health Canada
  • ILCT – Institute for Life Coach Training (USA)
  • Justice Canada
  • Municipalities such as: Ottawa and Windsor
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • School Boards, such as New Frontiers
  • PPSC, Public Safety & RCMP
  • Service Canada & Service Ontario
  • SSHRC & Statistics Canada
  • Transport Canada & Treasury Board
  • Police Departments & 9-1-1 Centres



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Catherine truly set the tone for our group to start small and connect with reasonable goals. She exemplified by her words and the questions she asked. She was fully present and inspired and element of calm focus. It was clearly evident that she loves what she does and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She taught from a place of genuine passion and expertise to the field of resilience and how it applies at a personal and organizational level.
Jennifer D.
About the Organizational Resilience course Catherine created and teaches at ILCT to train executive and business coaches: There are very few courses that I've taken that were as transformative and life-changing. This is one of them. Wonderful course and excellent instructor.
Dr. Kathy Terry
Your suggestions really helped and I look forward to further coaching with you. I appreciate your insights, suggestions, patience and encouragement over the past sessions. I know I have made some changes for the better and look forward to following up on the rest and succeeding.
James, Executive Coaching Client
Catherine’s approach was instrumental in re-creating our organization for the future: it changed everything. The insights, tools and strategies Catherine provided us have helped create a better, stronger organizational culture.
Sean, CEO Retreat
What Catherine taught me was how to focus on core strengths. Sounds something somewhat trite but it has made a substantive difference in my overall performance and quality of life, to function more effectively as an executive.
Bill, Executive Coaching Client
Your coaching sessions have helped me tremendously. Whereas a few months ago, I felt close to burnout, I can see how my life has changed for the better. I have restored myself, and I can address clearly how I can build a better career and a better life for myself. Thanks for your support, for the strategies you shared, and for believing in me.
Susan, Resilience Coaching Client
Yesterday’s Resilience-Building session for our team was such an eye-opener, and we have had so many positive comments. We look forward to our next session with you.
Greg, Resilience Team Session


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