Today is an important day

Today is an important day.  

Today is complete and self-contained, yet it’s also an essential small step toward the future.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about this: each day is totally self-contained: independent of any other day, complete on its own, a moment in life; and yet each day shapes a little of the future, leading onto a specific path.

Through what I choose to do today, I move into the future I am creating.  Any day has the potential to be a life-changing, important day.  Sometimes, we know this right away, and sometimes the day just goes by, carrying in it the promise of a different future.

Living the fullness of today is about making it matter.  For me, today meant taking time to enjoy skating with friends, with so short a season; it meant taking time to be with people I love and care about, and to cuddle with my dog.

It meant caring enough to make this day matter, not sacrificing today for tomorrow. And it meant not sacrificing tomorrow for today, ‘living like there is no tomorrow’, forgetting that we live tomorrow the consequences of today’s choices.

Tomorrow is another day.  But today has all the richness and potential that life can offer.


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