Welcome to my website!  I’m happy you are here and I can help you find what you need.  As a certified, experienced professional Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, I can help you create a fulfilling, resilient workplace, career and life – productive, more balanced, happier.  Whether with group sessions or individual coaching, I can help you and your team learn the life skills needed to thrive, instead of coping.

Imagine what your life could look like, at work or at home, with less stress, more energy and motivation, better balance between priorities.  Is this achievable? Absolutely, and it’s easier and much less time-consuming that you might expect. My proven approach will help you build resilience, balance, energy and leadership into your life, career and workplace, whether through individual coaching, group sessions or other speaking engagements.

Resilience is about learning and implementing life skills (instead of “coping” skills) to face life’s changes and other challenges.  It’s not about bouncing back: you can’t go back to the past, turn back the clock or undo what’s done, but you can move forward, supported by reserves, resources and your own self-leadership, to get the most of your life and to show up at your best.  It won’t happen overnight, there is no perfect approach, no one-size fits-all formula, but coaching will get you to your goals.


Catherine Morisset, PCC Professional Certified Coach ACC-ICF; PCC Certified Life & Resilience Coach ILCT; Board-Certified Coach CCE; BA Psychology UO.  E-RYT YA; PTS/FIS/NWS/OAS-CFP.

Languages: Fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Government Security Clearance: secret

I design and deliver motivating group sessions, courses and staff retreats, and provide individual coaching to leaders, executives, employees and people who want  more out of life, to build a rich life, a rewarding career and a better workplace.  I mostly specialize in leadership, executive, resilience and life coaching.

As a consultant with the federal government, as well as with national and international organizations, I am acutely familiar with the challenges of a fast-paced, multi-dimensional, diverse workplace and busy life; I help my clients move forward through personal and professional challenges, growth and transitions.  And my 29 years of professional experience help me provide efficient, realistic, practical solutions that work.

I am based in Ottawa, Canada and work with clients around the world.

A few recent organizational clients:

  • CIC – Citizenship & Immigration Canada
  • CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency
  • CRA – Canada Revenue Agency
  • CRCC – Civilian Reviews & Complaints Commission (RCMP)
  • CSA – Canada Space Agency
  • CSPS – Canada School of Public Service
  • DFATD – Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada
  • DFO – Fisheries & Oceans Canada
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization  (professional association of entrepreneurs)
  • ESDC-HRSDC – Employment & Social Development Canada
  • FCM – Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • HC/SC – Health Canada
  • ILCT – Institute for Life Coach Training (USA)
  • INAC – Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada
  • Justice Canada
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • NFSB – New Frontiers School Board
  • RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Service Canada
  • SOS-HC – Specialized Organizational Services, Health Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • TBS – Treasury Board

Group Sessions & Workshops – from coping to thriving.  Whether you need an all-staff retreat, motivating training for your management team or for your employees, I can design a practical, interactive group session that truly fits the needs of your team and delivers concrete results.  Today’s workplace is demanding, fast, complex and changing constantly; keeping people productive and healthy is essential.  My goal is to help employees, leaders and organizations build simple resilience and self-leadership skills to get the best outcomes, with a simple framework of user-friendly, “light” strategies that can be applied at work and in personal life.  As a certified, experienced professional Facilitator, Coach and Speaker, I can enhance individual and team capacity, morale and productivity for a healthier, mentally supportive workplace.

Individual Coaching Sessions – Living a “Plus 10” life.   Whether you want to create better balance, enhance your leadership skills and capacity, explore new career potential or are questioning how to create a better life for yourself, coaching can help you move from the initial thoughts, right into exploration and actions that deliver results.  Coaching is about helping you move forward into your life, in an action-based approach. If coaching could be described by a number, it would be to take you from coping and ho-hum (a zero) to +10 in terms of happiness, quality of life and actualization. As a certified, experienced professional Coach (ICF-ILCT-CCE), I can help you design, plan and live a more fulfilling life and career.

My approach – user-friendly, practical, applicable, result-oriented.  I believe in a personalized approach that provides clear strategies, positive motivation and measurable results – because it works! My objective is to make your life easier and lighter, focusing on less investment… and better outcomes.  I know from experience that simple, small steps are easier to implement, apply and maintain – and that they deliver better results. Whether you want to improve your life, your career, your team or your organization, I can help you identify, implement and maintain simple, realistic, effective strategies that work – for your needs.

My purpose – I want to make your life easier, more rewarding, and lighter

  • Help you build resilience, energy and leadership into your life, career and work.
  • Help you reduce stress, find renewed energy  and motivation, and manage time more effectively.
  • Help you prioritize your goals and your days, and build balance into your life.
  • Help you move towards your goals and get the life and career you want.

My promise: to get you the best results with the least investment in time and energy.

Your results:  Developing new skills you need to truly thrive and grow into all you can be, personally and professionally.  Enhancing resilience to face challenges.  Building a life, a career and a workplace that fuels you.


Facilitation, Workshops & Group Sessions

Resilience, leadership and change management interventions

Building you, your team and your organization from the inside out

I provide interactive interventions and training sessions for national & international organizations.

Here are a few sessions I recently designed and delivered to leaders, executives, managers and employees in groups as diverse as international associations, large government groups, small focus groups, CEO’s and staff retreats, and department meetings.

  1. Taking control in a crazy-busy world: a three-dimensional approach
  2. Five Ways, Five Minutes to Improve Resilience & Transform Your Life
  3. Five Ways, Five Minutes to Improve Work-Life Balance
  4. Personal Resilience Strategies For Work & Life
  5. Building Mental Health & Resilience in the Workplace
  6. 8 Ways to Reduce, Avoid, Prevent & Manage Stress
  7. High-Energy, Low-Stress Strategies to Improve Productivity
  8. Resilient Workplace – building a healthy work community
  9. Resilient Leadership To Sustain Productivity
  10. Workplace: Dealing with Challenging People, Events & Situations
  11. Communicate to Motivate
  12. Working Better Together: a Thriving Approach to Life and Work
  13. Priority, Time & Energy Management
  14. Team-Building: Building a Better, Stronger Team
  15. Dealing with Change & Transition – for managers and employees
  16. Building Balance Into Life & Work
  17. Identifying and Dealing with Conflicts of Interest
  18. Strategic Thinking for Managers
  19. Preventing Burnout – red flags, prevention skills & strategies
  20. Working Productively in a Virtual Team

To contact Catherine about facilitation, workshops and group sessions, , use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Individual & Organizational Resilience Coaching

Building your life – Fueling your Career

Coaching is an investment you make to yourself about your life: it’s about making your life and career all you want it to be, starting now.  We work together to help you achieve your goals.  We focus on what you can control and change.  We examine what and how you can move forward with simple, realistic, actionable strategies that deliver results.

Coaching is about action that gets results: we build strategies, step by step, to create the life you want.  We explore practical, constructive solutions to face challenges.  We find simple, concrete, appealing solutions to improve your present and your future.

Coaching is an opportunity to prioritize, adjust and plan what you want your life and career to be, and what works for you – we plan our sessions for your needs and for what you want, building tools and strategies from the inside out, connecting your daily choices & decisions with your big picture, for the best results.

Coaching provides you the motivation, tools and strategies to improve your personal and work life, to fit your needs and your goals.

Coaching is about you now and in your future.  We reflect, plan, structure and create actions based on your needs and your reality.  We build a life that fits you, and that leads you where you want to be – making challenges, change and transitions easier.

Coaching delivers significant, long-lasting results: we focus on developing/applying strategies that work for you for the long term, for satisfying, significant results.

Coaching supports you, focusing on your priorities, your dreams, your needs and your goals. You create more time and more space for you, for a life fueled and inspired by you.

Coaching sessions & correspondence are absolutely confidential

To contact Catherine about coaching sessions,  use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Speaking: Keynote, Management Teams and All-Staff

Building a life; fueling careers; motivating teams and organizations

I design uplifting, engaging, energizing, motivational speaking, focusing on how to bring out certain qualities and competences in the audience.  Recent ones include CRA-Appeals; Service Canada and ESDC.

Teaching & Training:

Coach Training Courses with Imagine Plus & ILCT (Institute for Life Coach Training)

I have created and provide coach training courses focusing on resilience coaching, which you can access by contacting me directly, or registering through ILCT.  These courses help you build specific expertise and are recognized as CEC’s by ILCT and CCE towards ICF accreditations.

Two courses are available this year: Coaching for personal Resilience (next session runs September to November 2018); Organizational Resilience & Leadership (session currently underway, with next session starting in January 2019).

You can find more information and registration details here:

To contact Catherine about motivational speaking, use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


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Your suggestions really helped and I look forward to further coaching with you. I appreciate your insights, suggestions, patience and encouragement over the past sessions. I know I have made some changes for the better and look forward to following up on the rest and succeeding.
James, Executive Coaching Client
Catherine’s approach was instrumental in re-creating our organization for the future: it changed everything. The insights, tools and strategies Catherine provided us have helped create a better, stronger organizational culture.
Sean, CEO Retreat
What Catherine taught me was how to focus on core strengths. Sounds something somewhat trite but it has made a substantive difference in my overall performance and quality of life, to function more effectively as an executive.
Bill, Executive Coaching Client
Your coaching sessions have helped me tremendously. Whereas a few months ago, I felt close to burnout, I can see how my life has changed for the better. I have restored myself, and I can address clearly how I can build a better career and a better life for myself. Thanks for your support, for the strategies you shared, and for believing in me.
Susan, Resilience Coaching Client
Yesterday’s Resilience-Building session for our team was such an eye-opener, and we have had so many positive comments. We look forward to our next session with you.
Greg, Resilience Team Session



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